My name is Arnold van Klaveren and since 1989,  I have hosted the weekly jazz radio program Rhythm-a-ning at the University Of Victoria.
During my two hour show, the majority of airplay features Canadian musicians, from solo to big band.
New material is always welcomed.
Arnold van Klaveren
Host of Rhythm-a-ning  
cfuv.uvic.ca (to listen online)
Mondays 6-8 PM PST
(250) 721-8700 (studio)


  • Thanks so much for your interest. I’ve checked out your playlists and it’s really great to see the selection of musicians that you play. Your show is a real asset to the jazz community. Adrean Farrugia
  • A week ago I was lucky enough to be in Victoria, BC, easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. While I was there, I stopped in to speak with Arnold van Klaveren who runs a great radio program called Rhythm-a-ning which focuses almost solely on Canadian Jazz. We had a  great time and it was fun talking about our new jazz release. Thanks Arnold! Tyler Summers
  • You do a great show, and it is nice to speak with someone who knows the material, and genuinely enjoys it. Scott White
  • Thanks for your always-dependable support. Fay Olson & Associates
  • Thanks for your interest and thanks for your continued efforts towards keeping jazz alive and well and on the air. Brian Barlow
  • Thanks Arnold for your interest in the music and keeping Jazz alive in your area and beyond.  John Tank
  • CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, B.C. has a jazz program “Rhythm-a-ning” hosted by Arnold van Klaveren who plays a huge part in keeping Canadian Jazz alive. Thanks for making a home for Canadian jazz musicians.   Roger Chong
  • Thanks for your show and keep putting Canadian jazz music on the airwaves. Josh Rager 
  • Thanks for all that you do for music and Victoria, and Victoria musicians!” Lorraine Nygaard 
  • Thank you for all that you do for jazz…Canadian and otherwise!!  Lesley Mitchell-Clarke 
  • Glad there are people like you in the loop and on the air. Jesse Barksdale          
  • A great radio show, and a great supporter of independant Canadian jazz musicians!  Lynda Covello
  • I checked out a bit of your playlist…WOW! it’s so great to see so many Canadians!! and great music too! Really, really appreciate itJohnny Griffith
  • Hi Arnold – thanks for promoting great jazz on your show – your Canadian content is impressive & oh so enjoyable. Joyce Nelson(for Mark Nelson)
  • It is an honor, thank you for keeping jazz alive. Fred
    Frederic Alarie


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