March 16, 2020 Playlist. Fundrive Show.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
junior mance monk chiariscuro rhythm-a-ning (theme)
brent jarvis* the medium harbourview invitation
roy reynolds* but beautiful indie what a difference a day makes
ed philp* mighty fingers boathouse send help
maria manna* between the sheets indie since I fell for you
miranda sage* on this day indie on this day
angela verbrugge* the night we couldn’t say good night indie cool baby/ interlude( a night in tunisia)
lorraine nygaard* on the edge indie slow down
monik nordine* the new old town magenta yin and yang
roy styffe* stories within stories indie light
tony westlake* listen to your heart indie listen to your heart
gord & olivier clements* passages rer moosic as it goes so it returns
ian mcdougall* the warmth of the horn concord centerpiece
tony genge* blues walk roadhouse the blues walk
patrick boyle* after forgetting indie the times they are a changin
ross taggart* mysteries and tall tales roadhouse mayber next time/ thankfully

About vankays

I am the host of the weekly radio jazz program "Rhythm-a-ning" at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Canadian jazz musicians. On air since 1989. CFUV 101.9fm
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