February 17, 2020 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
cyrus chestnut there’s a sweet sweet sound highnote rhythm-a-ning (theme)
bartosz hadala* three short stories indie once upon a time/ monk’s unfinished symphony
john sneider the scrapper cellar critterbug
win pangsakorn yes it is! Introducing… cellar I think she likes ketchup
andres vial* gang of three chromatic audio february waltz
lorna maclachan* bicycle riding in the dark indie love and fear
brenda earle stokes* solo sessions v.1 indie east of the sun – west of the moon
andy ballantyne* play on words gb records not with a wimp but a banker
trevor giancola* sonnet 18 tqm report card
carlos jimenez* don’t fall indie keep it simple
john stetch* blue canada indie oscar’s blue green algebra
dave young* trouble in mid modica peaceful
reg schwager* ever now jazz from rant rose room/ lily of the valley
ketil bjornstad the rainbow sessions-the long farewell grappa in the bleak midwinter/ spring breeze

About vankays

I am the host of the weekly radio jazz program "Rhythm-a-ning" at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Canadian jazz musicians. On air since 1989. CFUV 101.9fm
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