February 10, 2020 Playist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
john hicks live at maybeck recital hall concord rhythm-a-ning (theme)
rodney whitaker all too soon origin caravan
tertio* la mince ligne multiple chord au revoir lea
kelly johnson something good oa2 something good
lolly allen coming home oa2 bebop
gabriel mark hasselbach* midcentury modern v.2 windtunnel blue soul
karl schwonik* reinventions chronograph northeast corridor
joel miller* unstoppable multiple chord a party
avataar* petal insound monsoon
greg runions* suite vincent grind bitter tart
matt herskowitz* mirror image justin time ballade
ben markley slow play oa2 the return of catboy
markus rutz blue prints:figure 1-framework oa2 gusto as in mucho
peterson kohler collective winter colors origin m & m blues
angela verbrugge* the night we couldn’t say good night indie love walked in
enrico pieranunzi new visions storyville one for ulysses
carrie wicks reverie oa2 elephant in the room
john abercrombie yesterdays cornerstone blue in green
mike murley* taking flight cornerstone bird feathers
mark godrey* square peg indie forty minutes or more/ bucket list

About vankays

I am the host of the weekly radio jazz program "Rhythm-a-ning" at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Canadian jazz musicians. On air since 1989. CFUV 101.9fm
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