February 3, 2020 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
dexter gordon the jumpin blues prestige rhythm-a-ning (theme)
laura anglade* I’ve got just about everything justin time spring can really hang you up the most
audrey ochoa* frankenhorn chronograph my reward
charlie porter immigration nation oa2 divergent paths
hal galper the zone origin israel
manteca* augmented indifference m music avant cool/ kowabunga
shuffle demons* crazy time stubby records catwalk/ makin it right
harrison squared* trout in swimwear indie new piece
louis-vincent hamel* self enquiry indie encore/ elegant universe
gord & olivier clements* passages rer moosic trees/ water
gilles bernard* frequence 119 indie via
dean mcneill* prairie fire indie vasquez/ your absence is noted

About vankays

I am the host of the weekly radio jazz program "Rhythm-a-ning" at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Canadian jazz musicians. On air since 1989. CFUV 101.9fm
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