December 30, 2019 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
thelonious monk criss cross columbia rhythm-a-ning (theme)
thelonious monk monk columbia children’s song( that old man)/ I love you sweetheart of all my dreams
ted quinlan* absolutely dreaming indie not what it seems
106 collective* surface modica last exit
mike murley* taking flight cornerstone winter suite
john stetch* blue canada indie oscar’s blue green algebra/ blue canada
dave young* trouble in mind modica winter song
reg schwager* ever now jazz from rant east of spadina/ what news
bryn roberts* hide the moon and stars indie amaryllis
ingrid jensen* invisible sounds: for kenny wheeler whirlwind everybody’s song but my own
kenny wheeler* it takes two cam jazz never always
jean vanasse* nouvelle cuisine justin time paris 75001
alison young* so here we are triplet afterparty
bob murphy* at the tom lee music hall unreleased sandu
sun ra the early ablums 1957-1963 evidence happy new year to you

About vankays

I am the host of the weekly radio jazz program "Rhythm-a-ning" at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Canadian jazz musicians. On air since 1989. CFUV 101.9fm
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