March 29.2020 Smoker’s Cough Fill In.

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March 24, 2020. Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
jazzmeia horn love and liberation concord searchin
jamie lee* introspective indie into the green
redline trio* w/ steve hudson indie late shift
side eye and grace* liminal spaces indie liminal spaces
miles okazaki trickster pi box in a box
sassandra wilson traveling miles blue note resurrection blues(tutu)
donnybrook* live in saskatoon indie people sure act funny
olivier babaz* midenight caffiene indie midnight caffiene
paul bley* memoirs soul note monk’s dream
bartosz hadala* three short stories indie longing
meghan gilhespy* vive la tour indie norwegian woods
roswell rodd regeneration soul note blue chopsticks
gilles bernard* frequence 119 arteboreal insertation
arthur blythe in the tradition coumbia caravan
astrid lyre* live at osbourne bay pub indie eleanor rigby
orchestre du national du jazz du montreal* the mystic atma flow
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March 23, 2020 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
ellis marsalis open letter to monk elm rhythm-a-ning (theme)
alain bedard* exalta calma effendi pou titi
dennis kwok* windward bound indie the calling/ ready aye ready
jacek kochan* occupational hazard roots 2 boots evident monk
benjamin moore joy origin maiden voyage
thomas marriott trumpet ship origin all the things you are
tim shagoian gentle beacons oa2 my foolish heart
felix stussi* super nova 4 effendi t r t ( tapir racing team)
emie r roussel* rhythme de passage uni agent orange
laura anglade* I’ve got just about everything justin time imagination
peter hum* ordinary heroes indie fake news blues
mark godrey* square peg indie skyline
ernesto cervini* interview interview
ernesto cervini* tetrahedron anzic boo radley/ softly as in a morning sunrise. stro/ wandering
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March 16, 2020 Playlist. Fundrive Show.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
junior mance monk chiariscuro rhythm-a-ning (theme)
brent jarvis* the medium harbourview invitation
roy reynolds* but beautiful indie what a difference a day makes
ed philp* mighty fingers boathouse send help
maria manna* between the sheets indie since I fell for you
miranda sage* on this day indie on this day
angela verbrugge* the night we couldn’t say good night indie cool baby/ interlude( a night in tunisia)
lorraine nygaard* on the edge indie slow down
monik nordine* the new old town magenta yin and yang
roy styffe* stories within stories indie light
tony westlake* listen to your heart indie listen to your heart
gord & olivier clements* passages rer moosic as it goes so it returns
ian mcdougall* the warmth of the horn concord centerpiece
tony genge* blues walk roadhouse the blues walk
patrick boyle* after forgetting indie the times they are a changin
ross taggart* mysteries and tall tales roadhouse mayber next time/ thankfully
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March 9, 2020 Playlist. 2020 Juno Nominations Show.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
mccoy tyner live at warsaw festival 1991 fresh sounds rhythm-a-ning (theme)
jacques kuba seguin* migrations oddsound hymne
joel miller* unstoppable multiple chord change odf scenery/ dance of the nude fishes
john stetch* black sea suite indie heavens of a hundred days/ rondeau
ted quinlan* absolutely dreaming addo crowchild/ block party
mark kelso* chronicles of fezziwig indie a message from idris/ gravitational pull
al muirhead* undertones chronograph a tune for cal/ takin it to the bank tom
dave young* trouble in mind modica peaceful/ to a brother
brad turner* jump up cellar cedar/ the little people
ernesto cervini* turboprop-abundance anzic tadd’s delight/ my shining hour
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March 2, 2020 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
monty alexander wareika hill rastamonk vibrations indie rhythm-a-ning (theme)/ bemsha swing
jenna marie pinard* here, now indie a nightingale sang in berkeley square
chelsea mcbride* aftermath indie the righteous and the wicked
kelly johnson something good oa2 some other time
peterson kohler collective winter colors origin winter colors
ben markley slow play oa2 blindsight
michael zilber east west music for big bands origin sgt peppers lonely heart’s club band
lolly allen coming home oa2 if you could see me now
enrico pieranunzi new visions storyville night waltz
monik nordine* the new old town magenta the new old town
matt herskowitz* mirror image justin time my one and only love
gord & olivier clements* passages rer moosic you’re not thinking of me
karl schwonik* reinventions chronograph green line
tertio* la mince ligne multiple chord more with less
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February 24,2020 Playlist.

Artist Title Label Track(s)
chick corea trio music ecm rhythm-a-ning (theme)
aaron dolman* nostalgia and other fantasies indie memory is an anchor
ernesto cervini* tetrahedron anzic stro
peter hum* ordinary heroes indie cassandra
audrey ochoa* frankenhorn chronograph benchwarming
david friesen interaction origin basic strategy
richard whiteman* old prose cornerstone mccoy’s passion
mark seggar* lift off 18th note for the bees
dan loomis* job’s trial’s indie abundance overture/ dear lord
orchestre du national du jazz du montreal* the mystic atma forethought/ emotional interference
bryn roberts* hide the moon and stars indie you go to my head
victoria jazz ochestra* live at the port theatre -nanaimo unreleased open letter to mingus pt.1/ because of you
victoria jazz ochestra* live at hermann’s jazz club unreleased getting sentimental/ vi
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